Olympic Wrestling

Wrestling Training

Wrestling will get you incredibly fit and you'll learn skills and techniques from both Freestyle Wrestling and Greco Roman Wrestling.

  • Incredible for Fitness
  • Learn Takedowns for BJJ & MMA
  • Develop Your Top Game
  • Improve Your Scrambling Ability
  • Improve Your Agility
  • Build Your Mental Strength

If you are already doing MMA or BJJ then you must do this class. You will learn how to hit takedowns from inside and outside of the clinch.

There is a whole new world of exciting techniques waiting for you to learn. Learn how to takedown and pin your opponents. Learn controls and reversals. Learn how to use correct technique with the least amount of energy.

Olympic Wrestling Team

Here are some of our wrestlers successfully using their techniques in competition.

I have been to 4 MMA clubs and MD Martial Arts is the best one. It has an excellent facility and coaching staff. I feel the most unique aspect of MD Martial Arts is the detailed approach to Olympic Wrestling. It also has a great team spirit. Due to the professionalism of MD Martial Arts I believe that it's a matter of time before they are represented in the UFC.

thumb Luke James Member at Hull
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Increase your fitness, lose weight, build more confidence, and learn self-defence. Do all this and more, with the No.1 trusted provider of martial arts and fitness training in Hull and East Yorkshire. Don't put it off any longer, get started today.

Can't fault the gym or those who run it. If you like MMA or want to get fit this is the place to be!

thumb Mike Davies 12-2 MMA Fighter, European MMA Champion, 4x British MMA Champion, K-1 British Champion
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When Mike Davies started with us he had no previous training experience. Within a short space of time we have trained him into one of the top MMA prospects in the UK. Imagine where your training could take you. Don't put it off any longer, get started today.